Road transport

Key points:

  • Group Control around 100 (56 own) trucks fleet, trailers: RIMO, LOHR, KASSBOKHER,
  • Outbound logistics East – West / West – East and round trips in Western Europe and CIS countries.
  • We can manage up to 20000 cars on single flow.
  • All transport management procedures are regulated according to ISO9001 and ISO14000.
  • An adapted logistic can be installed to follow up the customer in all relevant activities.

Transportation by railways

  • “GLOBAY” owns depot of wagons for transportation of cars.
  • “GLOBAY” offers You full (autotransport-warehousing-railway) or partial (warehousing-railway) service in vehicle logistics from Europe to CIS countries.
  • Also we can offer You only wagon for loading at Your warehouse.
  • We arrange shipment  and consolidation of single cars in Klaipeda and Antwerpen.
  • “GLOBAY” arranges wagon logistics in EU, CIS countries.
  • Transport services of all types of consignment in EU, all Baltic States, CSI.
  • Direct agreements with EU and CIS railways
  • A wide network of partners in the territories of EU, CIS and third countries
  • Qualified staff with vast experience
  • Transportation by all types of containers and wagons
  • Consultations on the issues of loading, execution, transport
  • Quick calculation of the price for transportation
  • Ordering wagons and containers for loading in stations
  • Swift provision of codes and telegrams
  • Rerouting of wagons and containers
  • Coordination of transport plans for routes and goods
  • Solving issues at border crossing stations
  • Monitoring the movement of the consignment