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Legal Notice

Thank you for visiting the Globay UAB website.
We would like to inform you a few legal restrictions and prohibitions that we would like you to comply to.

With our logistics network and with an inovated logistics system which is appropriate for the logistics environment and the Supply Chain Management structure, Globay UAB provides a “customized logistics service” and an “integrated logistics service” that strives to meet the needs of both the customers and the business environment, and to enhance business efficiency. As an integrated logistics company we provide a range of the nation’s best logistics services and customers may use these services for their own satisfaction. A customer will not be granted the authority to intellectual property rights when he/she desires to use any information that can be accessed through the Globay UAB website.

All services and data provided through this website are based on facts given by Globay UAB. All property rights and copyrights of all information are at Globay UAB and will get the protection of property right regulations. Therefore, printing or copying files will not be permitted in any circumstance.
Reproduction, copying, transfer, display, sales of any information will not be accepted and no information may be used for services through the IP, CP, internet without permission.

Using data to establish a database for educational and training purposes at corporations or other organizations will not be allowed. However data may be used for limited purposes such as for non-profit education and training under the condition that they state the source (Globay UAB) of the information clearly. If you wish to use any data of Globay UAB for purposes other than stated above please send us an e-mail to our Webmaster.

Globay UAB, as a integrated logistics company, provides the nation’s best logistics service. The corporate name “Globay” may not be used as a general trademark. However with the exception of the circumstance where permission was granted by the company, if the trademark is used in any way without the approval of the company, it will be asked for legal authorization. In addition, we clearly state that Globay UAB will not be responsible for any issues concerning the illegal use of the corporate name.